Whether you want a machining center with the weight of 30 tons sent to Sicily or a knitting machine of one ton to the North of Norway, you can rely on us.

We transport all sorts of machinery all around Europe.

Just to give you an idea:transport

  • knitting machines
  • injection moulding machines
  • turning machines
  • machining centers
  • sheet metal machines
  • printing machines
  • tool machines of all fabrics
  • medical equipments

Furthermore we move other bulky, oversized, sensitive or heavy load goods as:

  • fork lifts
  • cars (vintage cars)
  • stages and frameworks
  • boats and ships
  • art works an monuments
  • safes

We do have the technology and an experienced teamwork for the efficient movement and transportation of machinery up to 42 tons.

Also we are able to move your machines without any expensive packing material, thus saving you both time and money.

If you plan to move your complete production tools and machinery, we will come to your premises to inspect the situation before we act. According to the circumstances we can give you advice and service right from the beginning of the transactions.

But the actual transport is usually only half of the problem. The other half, very often the more important one, is the loading onto the lorry – then the unloading from the lorry as well as the rigging into or out of the building.

Tough and difficult situations and conditions never upset our plans, for we can call on an amazing variety of auxiliary equipment and devices. In connection with our special trucks and our skilled staff this ensures that there is no delay in getting everything on time in its destination place.

Our lift trucks can cut your loading and transport costs drastically by saving time, space and expensive additional lifting facilities.

A powerful hydraulic system allows the bed of the truck to be lowered down to ground level in a minute or two for quick and safe loading and unloading. The very slight incline – only 4,5° to 5,5° depending on the particular type of truck – ensures no problems with loading, even of very heavy and bulky items. Use of this equipment again reduces expensive craning costs.

Should it be necessary, the bed of the truck can also be raised to any height up to 1.70 m: This enables heavy loads to be transferred to and from ramps, other vehicles, containers and railway carriages of different heights without having to use expensive and time-consuming auxiliary equipment. At your request, we collect your goods and transport them to wherever you wish them to be delivered.

After years in a daily hard employment, our lift trucks prove their efficiency and economy time and again.

For especially bulky and heavy goods, loaded in one of our special trucks, we send a guidance car along with them on the road. This guides the lorry on the whole journey and for most exceptional journeys we ask the Police to guide us to your premises.

We arrange and organise in advance all approvals by authorities for heavy loads and oversized shipments, this being organised during pre-planning.

Long-term licences for some of our lorries enable us to act quick and in shortest times for special deliveries. We organise and apply for authorisation for heavy loads outside of Germany.

Skilled and experienced staff who are daily confronted with unusual situations are overcoming difficulties without any problems. Our employees, some of them are more than 25 years in our team, remove machinery safely from the remotest areas, put them onto the lorry and then in a professional manner to the delivery address. Our staff are all trained according to the guideline DCE 9,5 for freight securing and they are able to load any machine with knowledge, ability and experience..

We do see ourselves as a company with a flat managerial hierarchy , in which every single one feels responsible for the success and the reputation of the firm. Together we have created an attractive and interesting working sphere. We do improve ourselves constantly and because of our different talents and points of views, we can put new, promising and creative business possibilities into reality.